Helping students be confident and successful

Academic support is all subjects is offered for students in grades 5-8. An emphasis will be given in study skills for classroom success.

Parent and Student Testimonials

 "Thanks for returning the love of math to my daughter." - Mother of a 6th grade student

"I am so grateful to you for the instruction, guidance and support you provided both to my child and me. Your approach was clearly effective and just what she needed." - Mother of a 5th grade student

"Thanks so much for your dedicated efforts for our children." - Mother of 6th and 8th grade students

"I admire your focus and your even-handed yet truly inspiring commitment to our goals." - Mother of a 6th grade student

"Thank you for helping me with math. I feel like you helped me learn so much more." - 6th grade student

"I will always remember coming to you for the first time and evolving into the new math student that I am now." - 8th grade student

"My child flourished under your guidance. Thank you for your devotion and guidance." - Mother of a 5th grade student

"My child made 'Principal's List' again this quarter!" - Mother of a 6th grade student

My child made a 97 on his test. Thank you Mrs. Crunk!" - Mother of 5th grader

"I think you are an excellent tutor. I can tell when the kids have been to see you." - 6th grade teacher

"My child's test scores are much improved over last year so we are all pleased with that. Thanks for your assistance." - Father of a 7th grade student

"I think my child's interest in learning and confidence have really rebounded." - Father of a 6th grade student